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16 December 2010

Dew Tour Quali

hello my dear, I`m sorry to disapoint you. But I didn`t get into the finals.
I was in the second heat. My first run went not that well. I missed some graps and I put my hands into the snow. I was realy motivated for my second run and sure, that I can do it better. But unfortunately
 the weather was to bad. The wind was realy strong and it snowed realy hard. So, our heat cant finished the second run. They discused about the bad situation. I hoped that they do the second run on the next day. But they decided to take the score from the first run. So, that mean to me, I`m not into the finals. I endet up as 10th in my heat.
I`m angry about my self. I know that I can do it better. But I`m also angry about the decision from the Dew Tour. I think that was not that fair. But I can`t change it anymore.
But anyway I wonna thank you all for your support and belive in me. That means realy alot to me after that bad crash last year and a season which went not that well.
Thank you!!!!!!

02 December 2010

Skiing in Keystone

Hello out there!
The last days I was skiing in Keystone. At the moment it is a little bit better then Breck. And the big kickers should open in three days in Keystone.
I have a lot of fun here and I`m so motivated! Everyday I feel better on skis. So happy!
At the moment the weather looks not that good. But what ever, that can`t stop me ;o)!
Have a good one! Later!

 Silvan Jäger


25 November 2010


I`m so sorry for my late post! But I had the very great idea to make pictures with a camera which needs photo films. What ever the camera has got a fish eye :o).

Last saturday in the early morning Silvan Jäger, Andreas Burri, Tom Kobel, Fabian Kronig and I flied from Zürich Airport to London Heathrow. There we had about a 5 hour stay. So we have had enough time to play games and take some power naps.

Silvan, Fabian and me playing some games.
Tom and Andreas taking some power naps.

In the begining of the afternoon the flight started to America. After again 10 hours of flight, we finaly get to Denver. With our rent car we were driving to Breck.

 Fabian and Andreas
Andreas, Fabian and me

So, now we are in Breck for skiing. I`m doing some training for the Dew Tour in the middle of December. Next time you will see some skiing pics. I promise! And I will try, that it doesn`t takes so long again for my next post.

15 November 2010

Budapest Fridge 2010

Last Wednesday night I went with the train to Budapest. After 12 hours I arrived finally at the riders hotel in Budapest and met my brother Elias there. Together we went to the Fridge Area to check out the kicker and for the practice in de afternoon.

Elias and me

Friday was the qualification day. I was a little bit nervous but ready for the competition.
I did nice switch 9 with mute nose. I thought it`s gonna work out. But unfortunately it didn`t. I don`t know why, but what ever man. My brother did it with a sick dub 10 with mute and qualified as second.

Seems like Russ had a lot of fun in the training ;o)

Klaus Finne

me doing switch 9

Russ and Laura

Because I didn`t get into the finals a had time to check out a little bit Budapest at Saturday.

In the evening of course we went to the festival to support ma brother at the semi finals. He had to compete againts 15 other riders. Elias did again a nice dub 10 and went into the finals with PK Hunder and JF Houle.
The finals were really exciting. JF did a sick dub 12 but he can`t land it very nice. PK did a very nice dub 10 and became very good points. Now Elias had to go for all or nothing. So he did a huuuuuugeee and very sick dub 10 with a perfect landing and took the first place. He got finally first in a big event. Hehe, six years ago I said to him, that he is gonna win one time :o). Now the time wa right. So nice!
So, congrats to Elias. I`m so proud of you!!!!

PK, Elias and JF

Elias with the Swiss Snowboarder Pat Burgener, which also took the first place by the snowboarders.

06 November 2010


Yesterday I picked up B-Dog and Taylor in Feldkirch.
After chilling and a good night, we wanted to get up early, to go skiing, also with Sippi and Angela. But for sure we overslept :o)!
But we still went to the Kaunertal and got up on the mountain at half past ten. Really perfect! Two runs and the sun came out. So nice!
We were jibbing the whole day and have had a maaad good time together. So much fun!
At four o`clock we went down to get some food in a Mexican place and to drive back home.
Now everyone is tired but with a big smile on the face.

B-Dog and Taylor

03 November 2010

London Freeze 2010

The last weekend I was in London for the London Freeze.
I went there with my swiss sponsor "Santcho Fashion an Art" and some friends.
It was an amazing time! Thank you all guys!!

Unfortunately I didn`t get into the finals of the London Freeze. Than I had some problems with my landings.
For sure I`m gonna train that new trick this weekend, that I can do it at the Budapest fridge in one week. So excited already!

Saturday-> Trainingday

 ma gang ;o)

Mike Hauser, Marcel from Santcho and me enjoying the concert

Competition Day

 getting ready

 waiting for my result....not enough points =(
sad, but life goes on!